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Giddiness :Cause and Symptoms

What Causes Giddness and How to Treat It

Overview of Giddiness

  • (1) Giddiness is one of the most common complaints which will be experienced by everyone in the family more than once in his/her lifetime. Most laymen think that giddiness is due to high or low blood pressure. Really speaking, high or low blood pressure do not cause giddiness unless some amount of anxiety is present.

(2) Giddiness is mainly a “sense of insecure feeling”. It is also often experienced by anyone having any other complaints e.g. chest pain, headache, vomiting, fever, etc. or when there is family and./or business problem which is causing anxiety.

(3) Sometimes or the other, all of us experience giddiness on sudden change of position, e.g. suddenly standing up from a lying down position, more so if you have been taking excess of alcohol, tobacco or smoking too much or consuming some allopathic tablets.

(4) For anxiety, a tablet of any tranquillizer e.g.calmpose or any diazepam, is the best treatment.

(5)”Labyrinthine Vertigo” is the most common cause of “severe” giddiness with a feeling of going round and round (rotation). Laymen always think of blood pressure as the cause, which is most often not, even when the blood pressure reading is high or low. Labyrinth is the balancing organ inside the ear. Like common cold of the nose which lasts for about a week viral, infection of the labyrinth will give rise to Labyrinthine vertigo and may last for the same period. The patient who is otherwise healthy, feels giddy and gets a feeling of going round and round.

Giddiness :Cause and Symptoms

Severe sweating and vomiting may also be present. Unfortunately, there is no special treatment. Advise the patient to take rest in bed for a day or two and avoid movements of the head. He should also be told to hold the neck rigid while changing position either from standing, sitting or lying in bed. One tablet of stemetil three times a day will be of additional help. If the attacks recur off and on over a few months, a routine check up by a consulting Physician should be done.
Also an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist may throw some more light to diagnose Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) or Meniere’s disease – very common, harmless, recurring conditions. There is no special treatment and Vertin tablets can be advised.

(6) Some patients are sensitive to Inj. Streptomycin (given for tuberculosis). Such a person will develop a “Drunken” walk.

(7) Diabetes and/or high blood pressure affect nearly 10 to 20 percent of population. These are life long diseases. Giddiness, when it appears in any of these patients, should be treated as described “above” (Points 1 to 6). But if such a patient complains of vertigo (sense of rotation), associated with weakness of one half of the body or difficulty in speaking or he is past the age of 50 years, then a specialist Physician should be called to rule out Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) of the brain or an impending stroke.
If he has a sense of going round and round, then he has vertigo.

Giddiness :Cause and Symptoms

Giddiness :Cause and Symptoms

When Giddiness becomes serious issues?

You should consult near doctor if you continue to have this  repeated troma of dizziness. You should also inform  your health consultant or doctor immediately if you experience sudden dizziness with following symptoms :

. Painful head injury

  • Painful headache
  •  neck ache or body ache
  • Sudden high fever
  • Sometime blurred vision from eye
  • Sometime hearing loss
  • difficulty in speaking
  • Watery of the eye or mouth
  • loss of consciousness is common
  • chest pain is dangerous
  •  vomiting while walking or running

These symptoms indicates  serious health issues, so its better to seek medical attention as soon as possible and get diagnosed properly and get well soon


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