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Sudden Chest Pain:Cause and Symptoms

1)The “severity” of chest pain is less” important in the diagnosis of “serious” condition. Thus shooting pains” in a “tiny” area asting for a few seconds are quite common in many normal people and have no apparent cause.

(2) The common pain felt by young men and women “over the heart” is more often due to fear and anxiety. It may be associated with palpitations, cold and sweaty hands. Vice versa, a heart pain is always felt in the middle of the chest. It might involve the heart area “only”, when the pain is shifting to left shoulder and arm. It is usually not associated with palpitations. But often, the patient feels slightly breathless.

Sudden Chest Pain:Cause and Symptoms

It should be suspected only in men having the following “risk factors”.

(i) Age more than 35 years.

(ii) Professionals, executives and businessmen.

(iii) Smokers

(iv) Alcoholics

(V) Long standing high blood pressure.

(vi) Long standing Diabetes.

(vii) People having a history of heart attack in the family -for example, a father or a brother having had a heart attack below the age of 50.

(3) Heart pains are of three types. All of them occur in people having the above risk factors. All of them are felt at the same place as described above. The main differences between the three are.

(i) Pain of “heart attack” (myocardial infarction) is dangerous because there are 20% chances that the patient can die in the first two to four hours unless he is shifted to unit intensive care immediately.

(ii) “Anginal Pains” – these pains occur only on walking hurriedly, climbing steps, or during a walk after a meal or while carrying a hand bag. There is no danger of sudden death and patients can live for years.

(iii) Unstable Anginal Pains occur at rest, during anger, sleep, etc. These patients are “more liable to develop a “heart attack”. But they may not.

Electrocardiogram in resting condition diagnoses only “Heart attack”. In patients having “Angina”, it is often normal. In the latter, it is the exercise (stress) test which confirms the diagnosis.

(4) Once heart “attack” is suspected, you should hurry up to get medical help. After a few minutes to half an hour, the person might feel absolutely comfortable, yet he is in “danger” of dying suddenly during the next 2 to 4 hours.

(5) The above discussion is only regarding sudden chest pain of short duration of a few hours or a day or two–not of long duration of few weeks or months.

In male, main cause of chest pain are ?

following are the “risk factors” in make chest pain

a) age more than 35 years

b) Professional or business man

c) smoker

d) alcoholic

e) has long standing high blood pressure

f) has long standing diabetes finally, most important

g) has another member in his family like father or brother who suffered from heart disease before 50 years of age suspect “heart attack”- especially

a) if the pain is “not” pain but more of a feeling of heaviness or constriction or gas in the chest.

b) if he is also experiencing profuse sweating or/and nausea or vomiting and difficulty in breathing.

c) shoulders, arms (specially left side) or jaw or throat may/may not become heavy or painful during the attack. Don’t move the patient. Give him a tablet of Aspirin (325 mgm) to chew. Call ambulance and shift the patient to the nearest intensíve care unit.

Sudden Chest Pain:Cause and Symptoms

Sudden Chest Pain:Cause and Symptoms

If burning chest pain caused:

a) he has consumed chillies or masala in meals.

b) In the “Past” he had similar burning pains.

c) Absence of sweating. Advise him to take soda or chew 2 tablets of an antacid like Gelusil.


If he has done following things then also chest pain can cause

a) Some unusual exertion on the previous day.

b) pain increases on movement or changing position.

c) More pain in experienced on pressing the area involved. Most likely it is muscular pain. Advise use of lodex locally. Give 2 tablets of Crocin or Aspirin.

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